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Substantial discounts are available on select overstocked Polycarbonate and PVC sheets. These specially priced closeout sheets consist of our discontinued stock, drops, and returned product. Sheets may have minor cosmetic blemishes. Inventory changes daily. Availability of these products is limited, and offered as a first-come, first-served basis.


Polycarbonate Ridge Cap:

ridgecap on greenhousePolycarbonate Ridge Cap is a corrugated flashing solution for eliminating leaks where two polycarbonate roofing panels meet along the ridge of a roof. Keep nature’s elements out while providing natural daylight at the peak of any building. Virtually unbreakable, polycarbonate ridge caps are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, lasting for many years.

Product Specifications:

  • UV Protected on Exterior Side
  • Resistant to Wind Uplift, Hail, and Impact Damage
  • Highly Flexible. Easily Bends to Match Roof Pitch
  • Available Colors: Opal and Softlite
  • 24” wide x 10’ long or 24” wide x 10’6” long


TRUSSCORE™ PVC Interlocking Liner Panel – 12” x 12’ (Discontinued Panel Size):

TRUSSCORE'S corrosion resistant surface is extremely durable and highly resistant to scratches, moisture, and most chemicals. The lightweight, interlocking system makes both vertical and horizontal installation quick and easy, suitable for do-it-yourselfers. TRUSSCORE is a cost-effective alternative to conventional wall systems for garages, workshops, and laundry rooms. Panels never require painting or refinishing and wash easily with soap and water.

w606 greenhousew606 greenhouseProduct Specifications:

  • 12 Inch Wide x 12 Feet Long
  • 1/2 Inch Thick Heavy Wall Design
  • Bright White Finish
  • Pre-Punched Nailing Flange
  • Hidden Fasteners


Discontinued Hobby Greenhouse:

Polycarbonate is a durable greenhouse glazing material - perfect for the ultimate backyard greenhouse. The W606 Walk-In Greenhouse is designed for the home hobbyist. It features high strength, extruded aluminum framing and CoverLite® brand polycarbonate structured sheet glazing panels. These are the same materials commercial greenhouses use in their construction!

w606 greenhousew606 greenhouseProduct Specifications:

  • 6'6"W x 7'4"L x 6'6"H (1970 x 2240 x 1970mm)
  • One Window
  • 4 ft High Side Walls
  • 4 mm Multiwall Polycarbonate
  • 2 ft Wide Sliding Door
  • Galvanized Steel Base is Available


For more product information, call 888.602.4441 and ask for Jen Hewitt. Reference seeing this product on our “Product Overstock Webpage” and receive a special pricing discount.



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