Softlite and Growing Cannabis

8mm Softlite MMJ GreenhouseGrowing cannabis in a greenhouse combines the best part of an outdoor grow 'the natural sunlight' with the control of growing indoors. Greenhouse cultivators are able to control several important variables such as: temperature, humidity, soil, light, and ventilation. Greenhouse cultivation facilities offer a longer growing season, larger plants, and higher yields of consistent quality. Increased Crop Yields = Increased Profits!

With a greenhouse growing facility, light diffusion is extremely important. Without diffusion, directional light creates hot spots and shadows, resulting in uneven growth, leaf burn, and the need (cost) to rotate plants. Light diffusion scatters the light waves, creating light uniformity throughout the entire grow room. Uniform growth conditions result in consistent plant development. The type of covering used on a greenhouse has the largest impact on light diffusion.

A polycarbonate panel with a milky white appearance such as the Multiwall or Corrugated Softlite Sheet Provides the Best Light Diffusion. Grow smarter. Grow with Softlite Polycarbonate.

growing cannabis polycarbonate greenhousesIndoor Cannabis Cultivation

8mm softlite MMJ Greenhouse"The Cultivation Technology of Choice"


Softlite Provides the Optimal Greenhouse Growing Environment for Cannabis Production. Get the Most from Your Investment - Think Light Diffusion!


Benefits of Softlite Polycarbonate Sheet:

  • SECURITY - Strong, Virtually Unbreakable.
  • LIGHT DIFFUSION - Prevents Burning of Plants.
  • LIGHT SCATTERING - Eliminates Shadows. Encourages Plant Uniformity.
  • HIGH LIGHT TRANSMISSION - Results in Healthier, Fuller Plant Development.
  • UV PROTECTION - Maintains Clarity and Mechanical Properties.
  • DRIPGARD COATING - Ensures Condensation Droplets will not Damage Plants.
  • light diffusionPRIVACY - Perfect for Obsure Glazing Requirements.
  • LONG LASTING - 15 Year Warranty Against Yellowing & Breakage Caused by Hail.

Softlite Multiwall and Corrugated Polycarbonate Sheets are 100% light diffusing panels utilitzing advanced polymer technology to scatter the light while still maintaining high light transmission (79% PAR LT 8mm | 72% PAR LT 16mm | 85% PAR LT Greca). Polycarbonate allows the proper visible light spectrum to pass through the greenhouse covering, promoting photosynthesis which is vital for tissue production during plant growth.

The diffusion feature of Softlite makes these sheets an excellent candidate for growing marijuana. The plants receive high levels of light for growth while protected from harsh, intense sunlight. The 100% scattering of the light encompasses both top and bottom leaves resulting in faster, uniform growth, virtual elimination of shadows, and more usable energy to the plant.

growing marijuana polycarbonateSoftlite Polycarbonate is an ideal glazing material for an efficient Greenhouse Growing Facility. Grow your bottom line with Softlite polycarbonate. The future of cannabis cultivation is in greenhouses.


Softlite Polycarbonate is available in:
8mm & 16mm Multiwall and Corrugated Panels

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