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horticultural polycarbonateAmeriLux International offers a broad product range of multiwall and corrugated polycarbonate sheets ideal for the horticultural industry. Our polycarbonate sheets offer the professional grower the ideal combination of maximum light transmission, thermal insulation, impact strength, and energy efficiency. Perfect for greenhouse structures where excellent light transmission is needed in a lightweight sheet.Easy to install and cost-effective, our polycarbonate sheets will live up to your expectations season after season. AmeriLux's technically advanced products promise to not only protect your plants but also protect your bottom line.

Excellent horticultural polycarbonate uses include:

• Commerical Greenhouses • Cold Frames
• Hobby Greenhouses • Cloches
• Earth-Bermed (Sheltered) Greenhouses • Solariums
• Seasonal Greenhouses • Retail Greenhouses
• Agricultural Greenhouses • Garden Centers
• University Research Greenhouses • Aquaculture Growing
• Horticulture Education Facilities • Conservatories

lexan thermoclear 15LEXAN* THERMOCLEAR* 15 8mm & 16mm Clear high performance multiwall sheets are superior to other available polycarbonate multiwall glazing products. THERMOCLEAR* 15 sheets offer the industry's only 15 year warranty against yellowing, loss of light transmission, and breakage caused by hail. These sheets will not change more than 5 Delta from the original yellowing index of 0 or lose more than 4% light transmission over a fifteen-year period. Virtually No Yellowing! 100% full replacement for the first eight years.

LEXAN* THERMOCLEAR* 15 8mm & 16mm Softlite high performance multiwall polycarbonate sheets are a 100% diffused multiwall panel utilizing advance polymer technology to scatter light while maintaining high levels of light transmission. These sheets also offer the industry's only 15 year warranty against yellowing, loss of light transmission, and breakage caused by hail.

LEXAN* THERMOCLEAR* 15 8mm 2UV sheet is UV protected on both sides. Installation mistakes are minimized since both sheet surfaces can face outwards. The 2-sided proprietary UV protection protects the sheet against the degrading effects of UV radiation in natural sunlight. (Available by special order.)

LEXAN* VEROLITE* 8mm twin wall polycarbonate sheet offers a high degree of light transmittance while blocking harmful ultra violet rays. An anti-condensate feature on the interior surface of the sheet protects plants, furnishings, and equipment below from water damage. Highly flexible, LEXAN* VEROLITE* is easily cold formed and will not crack or splinter when fabricated.

VEROLITE* BLOCKOUT* 8mm twin wall polycarbonate sheet completely blocks the transmission of light. Zero percent light transmission allows for total control over the light needed to propagate and grow light-sensitive plants. Because of its color properties, VEROLITE™ BLOCKOUT reflects light both outside and inside the greenhouse; limiting heat transfer while maximizing artificial light efficiency. Perfect for indoor grow operations, VEROLITE* BLOCKOUT uses include: Commercial Grow Facilities, Blackout Greenhouses, Light Deprivation Systems, and Indoor Hydroponic Farming.

Extruded from LEXAN™ resin, these high-quality multiwall panels offer remarkable impact strength, outstanding thermal insulation properties, and long-term weather resistance.

LEXAN* GRECA Corrugated is a single layer polycarbonate sheet offering excellent light transmission, advanced UV-protection, and high impact resistance. LEXAN* Corrugated features a proprietary hydrophilic coating which reduces the contact angle of water droplets. This anti-drip feature prevents plant disease caused by dripping condensation.

LEXAN* GRECA Corrugated Softlite sheet is a 100% diffused corrugated panel utilizing advance polymer technology to scatter light while maintaining an 85% level of light transmission. This diffusion feature is a perfect feature for greenhouse applications where plants benefit from high levels of light for growth but need protection from harsh intense sunlight. The 100% scattering of the light encompasses both top and bottom leaves resulting in faster uniform growth, virtual elimination of shadows, and delivers more consistent energy to the plant.

If you would like to learn more about our superior polycarbonate greenhouse coverings, call 888.602.4441 today for a distributor in your area!

* Trademarks of SABIC Innovative Plastics IP B.V.


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