How We Succeed

The following statements represent our core values as a company. Although we may not do these things perfectly, we strive to live up to these values and embed them in everyday decisions and actions. These are the things that distinguish us as a company and are how we choose to succeed.


Every sustainable relationship, personal and professional, must be based on win-win for all parties. We invest in creating wins for all stakeholders in AmeriLux: employees, investors, customers, vendors, and the community. We don’t create “win-lose” scenarios and we don’t accept “lose-win” situations. We cultivate and nurture long-term, strategic partnerships with those who are like-minded, building mutually profitable business that results in the synergistic formula: ‘1+1=3’!

Jamie Schumacher, DC Team Lead

Caring about what you do is important. Some jobs require more hours here and there, but that’s what has to be done at times to get the job done.”

— Jamie Schumacher, DC Team Lead (AI)

"Make A Play"

The only people that have never made a mistake are people that have never done anything.” We are predisposed to take action because failure to make a decision gives all control away to outside forces. We take control of our individual and collective future by engaging in meaningful action, accepting that we will make some mistakes along the way. We believe the only true failure is a failure to learn from mistakes and improve.

Tanner Olson, Productions Area Lead

“As a team lead, I try to learn as much as I can to help the guys out and make everyone else’s day enjoyable.”

— Tanner Olson, Productions Area Lead (AI)

"Don't Judge People On Their Worst Moments"

We value, respect, and honor the dignity of ALL who come in contact with us. In the pursuit of excellence, we never lose our human compassion. We look for the overall pattern of good in people and encourage people to succeed by playing to their natural strengths. We believe in human potential and invest in helping people grow into the best version of themselves.

Tim Ssusen, Dispatch/Driver

I see the potential I have to support my team and give them the grace I would hope for myself. There’s more to a person than their worst moment.”

— Tim Sausen, Dispatch/Driver (AL/AT)

"Don't Confuse Activity With Results"

We don’t complain or blame when problems arise but focus on effective solutions. When evaluating decisions and outcomes, we continually ask: “Is it effective?” We prioritize things that contribute positively to a “win,” and avoid things that are neutral or negative. We measure the usefulness of our activity by the meaningful results we produce.

Diedra Wilmet, Account Manager

“I think it is important to take a step back, look at what you are doing, and make sure you are getting meaningful results.”

—  Diedra Wilmet, Account Manager (AI)

"Conflict Is A Good Thing"

We value diverse thinking and speak openly with each other. We don’t keep a false peace by avoiding difficult conversations but speak our truth kindly. We intentionally wrestle with ideas to find the best way to “do the right things” and “do things right.” We hold all stakeholders into decisions that concern them, and ensure every voice is heard.

Frank Scandin, Plant Manager

If we agreed on everything all the time, there would be no point in discussion. Constructive conflict usually means that progress is being made.”

— Frank Scandin, Plant Manager (AI)

"Communication Is Our Currency"

We prioritize face-to-face interaction over electronic communication in a world going the other way. We seek deeper, more profound connections that build authentic relationships. We look to create maximum value in our daily exchanges with one another through presence of mind and body.

Nate Schadrie, Real Time Inventory Manager

The more information I can pass out to everyone, the better each day is for everyone.”

—  Nate Schadrie, Real Time Inventory Manager (AI)

"Consider It Done"

We cultivate a solution-oriented, “can do” attitude. We are consistent and reliable in following through with commitments. We hire, give recognition to, and promote those who operate with a “YES” mentality. Our default question is “How can we do it?” rather than focusing on why an idea won’t work or how difficult it may be. We favor pragmatism over philosophizing. “Let’s boil the abstract down to the concrete."

Julie Daul, Shipping Specialist

Keeping busy makes the work day go faster. If I see something that needs to be done, I take care of it.”

— Julie Daul, Shipping Specialist (AI)

"We Don't Drink Our Own Kool-Aid"

We have the audacity to expect success, but we make a conscious effort to handle it with humility. We remember that our stakeholders determine whether we are successful. We make an effort to avoid false paradigms and remain open-minded. “It’s not what you don’t know that limits you, it’s what you do know that isn’t so." We acknowledge that others help produce our wins, both inside and outside the company, and express our gratitude to them.

Dante Wilmet, DC Team Leader

We are motivated to keep getting better; building upon our accomplishments and learning from our mistakes.”

—  Dante Wilmet, DC Team Leader (AI)

"Is This A Great Country, Or What..?!"

We celebrate our freedom and opportunity and look to the future with optimism. We believe in the power of happiness and positivity to produce outstanding results. We are intentional about cultivating creativity and innovation through optimistic, positive thinking.

Tyler Brown, Business Development Leader

“There’s no telling how much can be achieved when we focus on what we have rather than what we don’t have.”

— Tyler Brown, Business Development Leader (AL)

"We'll Be Even Better Tomorrow"

We do the basics really, really well as a first priority, but we aren’t comfortable with the status quo. We are always learning in the service of winning. We challenge ourselves to continuously pursue the next step in growth, personally and professionally. We don’t settle for today’s success but use the magic of momentum to keep building a more successful tomorrow. “It’s amazing what’s possible when you don’t know what’s impossible."

Heidi Nackers, Administrative Assistant

“At AmeriLux, being ‘good’ is not good enough. We strive to be the best that we can be.”

—  Heidi Nackers, Administrative Assistant (AI)

What Does It Mean To Be An A-Team Member?

It means having a voice that’s heard, and a team who will listen. Its collaborative problem solving and creating win-wins. Its celebrating success while remembering not to drink too much of our own Kool-Aid!