LEXAN* THERMOCLEAR* 15 - "High Performance Polycarbonate"

LEXAN* THERMOCLEAR* 15 is the industry’s most advanced multiwall polycarbonate sheet. This high-performance, lightweight panel maintains high clarity and provides an outstanding balance of impact strength and stiffness, excellent thermal insulation, UV protection, flame and condensation control, and long-term high light transmission. LEXAN* THERMOCLEAR* 15 is the industry's only polycarbonate multiwall glazing panel available with a 20-Year Extended Warranty*!

LEXAN* THERMOCLEAR* 15 multiwall polycarbonate (PC) sheets are stocked in:

  • stock thermoclear 158mm Twinwall – Clear  (81% Light (PAR) Transmission)
  • 16mm Triplewall – Clear  (74% Light (PAR) Transmission)
  • 8mm Twinwall – Softlite  (79% Light (PAR) Transmission | 100% Light Diffusion)
  • 16mm Triplewall – Softlite  (72% Light (PAR) Transmission | 100% Light Diffusion)

NOTE: LEXAN* THERMOCLEAR* 15 is available in 8mm Triplewall Clear and can also be special ordered in 4.5mm, 6mm, and 10mm gauges in the following colors: Clear, White, Opal, Bronze, Softlite. Please call for more information..

what is in a warranty white paperGuaranteed to outperform and out last all other brands, the LEXAN* THERMOCLEAR* 15 multiwall sheet offers:

  • LONG LIFE – Virtually No Yellowing! This sheet will not break due to loss of impact strength due to weathering, maintains high clarity, and comes with an industry leading 20-Year Extended Warranty*! This sheet will not lose more than 4% light transmission or change more than 5 Delta from the original yellowing index of 0 over a twenty year period. The extended warranty also covers twenty years against breakage caused by hail. 100% full replacement value offered for the first fifteen years.

  • HIGH LIGHT TRANSMISSION – This proprietary UV protection on the sheet’s outer surface provides long-term optical quality, high light transmission, and superior resistance to outdoor weathering. This unique proprietary UV-protected surface helps to maintain the superior toughness of the polycarbonate material. UV protection is available on one or both sides of the sheet.

  • OUTSTANDING IMPACT PERFORMANCE – Virtually unbreakable, this impact resistant multiwall panel is 10 times stronger than acrylic and 200 times stronger than glass. Even when exposed to harsh weather conditions as well as extreme temperatures (-40°F to +240°F) over a long period of time, this sheet will maintain its structural integrity.

  • DRIPGARD FEATURE – A specially developed anti-condensate coating helps create an optimal greenhouse environment. This anti-drip feature on the sheets inner surface reduces the formation of moisture buildup. Condensation spreads into a thin sheet, rather than forming into droplets which can spread disease and cause burn spots, crop spoilag,e and loss of light transmission.

  • light diffusionHIGH LIGHT DIFFUSION – Softlite multiwall sheet’s advanced polymer technology scatters light eliminating greenhouse “hot spots”. The scattering of the light encompasses both the top and bottom leaves resulting in more usable energy to the plant, brighter colors, and virtually eliminates shadows. This 100% light diffusion feature makes these sheets an excellent glazing choice for covering a greenhouse, where the uniformity of the light delivered to the plants is key to successful greenhouse production and higher crop yields.

  • EXCELLENT THERMAL PROPERTIES – The hollow channels of the panel’s structure provide excellent thermal insulation, sound insulation, and impact energy absorption. These outstanding thermal insulation properties of a multiwall sheet make a building more efficient to heat during the winter and help to reduce utility bills.

  • TOP FIRE RATINGS – Polycarbonate panels offer excellent flame retardant properties. Multiwall polycarbonate is classified as CC1 in accordance with ASTM D-635 and ASTM E-84 rated Class A for interior surface material. When compared to acrylic, this sheet offers higher flame ratings, which means lower insurance rates.

An established brand name for over 40 years, the LEXAN* THERMOCLEAR* 15 panel is a perfect glazing alternative for a wide variety of horticultural, architectural, industrial, residential, and agricultural applications.

Call 888.602.4441 today for complete product information and for a distributor in your area!

* AmeriLux International Extended 20-Year Warranty
* Trademarks of SABIC Innovative Plastics B.V.


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