DuxxBak® Composite Decking

Manufactured with a proprietary combination of Biodac®, rice hulls, high-density polyethylene, and other quality components, DuxxBak® composite decking stands out against the rest of the competition in life-long durability, superior color retention, and virtual inability to absorb water.

Arguably the best composite decking brand on the market today, these high-quality decking materials are both time and weather tested, providing the industry’s most long-lasting, weather-defying deck boards.

DuxxBak composite decking is available in several deck board options, each offering a beautiful, natural looking finish to enhance your outdoor living space.

DuxxBak® Dekk is a water-shedding, no-drip through, solid surface deck system. These durable deck boards feature a unique interlocking design that channels water off your deck and away from your home, creating a dry and usable outdoor living space below. DuxxBak Dekk accomplishes this in one step, eliminating the need for a secondary drainage system.

OPTIMA® Dekk is a traditional profile decking board that combines DuxxBak’s weather defying compound with state-of-the-art capping technology, bringing science and beauty together. Available in both a grooved and solid-edge profile, this composite deck board is dimensionally consistent with typical 5/4 wood decking.

OPTIMA® Dekk LT is a lightweight, reduced profile version of OPTIMA Dekk, offering all the weather defying benefits and a beautiful ArmorCap wood-grain finish but at a lower cost.

I.Dekk® tongue and groove composite decking provides a continuous surface that functions like a traditional porch floor. This highly rigid I-Beam deck board offers industry leading strength. A perfect combination of function, style, and economy.

I.Dekk® HD is the heavy-duty version of I.Dekk, integrating a robust, hollow profile (less weight per foot) with increased stiffness to meet the demands of marine and dock applications.

DuxxBak composite decking boards are scientifically formulated to last a lifetime no matter what nature throws its way. More durable than WPC and PVC, your deck will retain its beauty and structural integrity long after the competition has faded, cracked, or warped. Ideal for both residential and commercial applications.

DuxxBak Composite Decking

Product Details

Why DuxxBak® Dekk?

  • Water Shedding, No Drip, Solid Surface
  • Eliminates Decay from Mold & Mildew
  • Decking & Drainage in One Application
  • Fast & Simple Installation, Low Maintenance
  • Retains Its Beauty & Structural Integrity
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty

Key Product Features:

  • Hidden Fasteners, No Visible Face Screws
  • Strong & Durable, Allows 24” On-Center Joists
  • Available in 12’, 16, 20’ & 24’ Lengths
  • Matching Profiles & Colors for Steps
  • A Variety of Finishing Profiles
  • Two Finishes & 11 Color Options

Why OPTIMA® Dekk & OPTIMA® Dekk LT?

  • State-of-the-Art Capping Technology
  • No Cracking, Chipping or Delaminating
  • Naturally Mold & Mildew Resistant
  • Fast & Simple Installation, Low Maintenance
  • Retains its Beauty & Structural Integrity
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty

Key Product Features:

  • Matching Screws & Hidden Fasteners
  • Strong & Durable, Spans Joists at 16”
  • Available in Square & Grooved Edge
    • OPTIMA Dekk:
      • Height: 1”, Width: 5-1/2”, Lengths: 12’, 16’ & 20’
    • OPTIMA Dekk LT:
      • Height: 15/16”, Width: 5-15/16”, Lengths: 12’, 16’ & 20’
  • A Variety of Finishing Profiles
  • One Finish & 7 Color Options

Why I.Dekk® & I.Dekk® HD?

  • “Gap-Free” Decking, Functions Like Porch Flooring
  • Industry-Leading Ratings for Mechanical Strength & Durability
  • Eliminates Decay from Mold, Mildew & Moisture
  • Fast & Simple Installation, Low Maintenance
  • Retains its Beauty & Structural Integrity
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty

Key Product Features:

  • Strong, Triple I-Beam Construction
  • Span Joists at 21” OC w/I.Dekk
  • Up to 24” Joist Spans w/I.Dekk HD
  • Available in Tongue & Groove & Traditional S4S
    • Dekk®: Height: 1-1/4”, Width: 5-3/4” (T&G), 5-1/2” (S4S), Lengths: 12’, 16’ & 20’
    • Dekk® HD: Height: 1-1/4”, Width: 5-3/4” (T&G), 5-1/2” (S4S), Lengths: 12’, 16’ & 20’
  • A Variety of Finishing Profiles
  • One Finish & 7 Color Options

DuxxBak® Benefits

  • Impervious to All Weather Conditions
  • Scientifically Advanced, Mineral-Based Composite
  • No Wood Filler or PVC Compounds
  • Virtually No Maintenance and Upkeep Costs
  • No Painting, Staining, or Waterproofing… EVER!
  • Made in the USA with Renewable Resources



Composite Decking Accessories: Mix and match accessories designed to create a finished, modern look.


DuxxBak Composite Decking

Finishes & Colors

ArmorCap Finish: A highly durable yet stunningly beautiful wood-grain embossed finish.

Duxxbak armor cap finish

Traction Finish: A more functional option that provides extra grip with a natural brush finish.

DuxxBak traction finish

Enjoy Your Outdoor Living Space More Often with DuxxBak® Composite Decking

Outdoor living requires decking that can take on whatever nature might throw its way. The material science behind DuxxBak products makes sure that you can. With many colors, board styles, and finishes to choose from, DuxxBak composite decking has a solution from your deck to your dock, from your balcony to your boathouse. Discover DuxxBak and Defy the Elements!

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