PVC Panels

Chemical, impact, and moisture resistant, PVC wall and ceiling liner panels are a cost-effective alternative to conventional drywall or metal panels. PVC liner panels are light in weight, making them easy to handle and use. In addition, PVC panels require no special tools or training to install. PVC wall and ceiling liner panels are perfect for the most demanding agricultural, industrial, and commercial environments.

Trusscore PVC panel milk room
Agrilite PVC liner panels

Agrilite™ PVC Corrugated Panels

Durable and easy to install, Agrilite™ PVC corrugated liner panels are strong, high-impact panels that naturally resist marking, scratching, and chemicals. Available in a Greca or 9” profile, these lightweight corrugated panels are easy to handle and require no special equipment for installation. Agrilite™ corrugated panels can be cut using basic woodworking tools and are easy to clean with conventional spray equipment.

Owners of agricultural and industrial buildings regularly choose the virtually indestructible Agrilite™ PVC corrugated liner panels  for its remarkable durability, ease of installation, and outstanding versatility.

Trusscore PVC Interlocking Panels

Trusscore PVC interlocking liner panels have your job covered! Wherever you need a smooth finish that is easy-to-clean, low maintenance, hygienic and/or abuse resistant, Trusscore wall and ceiling panels are the answer. Designed to meet the most demanding expectations, these PVC liner panels exceed modern hygienic construction and statutory building codes and are transforming construction practices in the United States and Canada.

Available in white or grey, Trusscore PVC interlocking liner panels are highly recommended for all agricultural, industrial, commercial, and residential interior applications.


Why Should You Choose PVC Wall and Ceiling Liner Panels?

Excellent Light Reflectance: The smooth, bright finish reflects the light and bounces it around the space, making the most of the interior lighting within the building.

Impact & Chemical Resistant: Remarkably durable, PVC liner panels are hardwearing, have a strong resistance to most harsh chemicals, and do not support mildew or mold growth.

Low Maintenance: PVC liner panels never need to be painted, coated, or otherwise sealed. Daily cleaning is easy, just wipe down or use a conventional sprayer method.

Easy to Install: Light in weight, PVC liner panels are simple to handle and fabricate. They can easily be installed either vertically or horizontally. No special tools required!

Cost Effective: PVC liner panels may be used for new construction or retrofit. These panels are an ideal replacement for conventional wall systems.

Agrilite™ PVC corrugated and Trusscore PVC interlocking liner panels are ideal for demanding interior wall and ceiling panel applications.

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