PVC Liner Panels & Wall Forms

Chemical, impact, and moisture resistant, PVC wall and ceiling liner panels are a cost-effective alternative to conventional drywall or metal panels. PVC liner panels are light in weight, making them easy to handle and use. In addition, PVC panels require no special tools or training to install. PVC wall and ceiling liner panels are perfect for the most demanding agricultural, industrial, and commercial environments.

PVC concrete wall forms create an extremely durable barrier that is thermal efficient and highly resilient in storm-prone areas. These ‘stay-in-place’ concrete form systems are easy to assemble and install, simple to maintain, and will not rot, rust, or corrode over time. Concrete PVC wall forms are a great building option for the construction of buildings such as vehicle washes, laboratories, food processing, cleanrooms, health facilities, and residential basements.

EZ PVC Wall & Ceiling Liner Panels
Agrilite PVC liner panels

Agrilite™ PVC Corrugated Panels

Durable and easy to install, Agrilite™ PVC corrugated liner panels are strong, high-impact panels that naturally resist marking, scratching, and chemicals. Available in a Greca or 9” profile, these lightweight corrugated panels are easy to handle and require no special equipment for installation. Agrilite™ corrugated panels can be cut using basic woodworking tools and are easy to clean with conventional spray equipment.

Owners of agricultural and industrial buildings regularly choose the virtually indestructible Agrilite™ PVC corrugated liner panels  for its remarkable durability, ease of installation, and outstanding versatility.

EZ Liner® PVC Interlocking Panels

EZ Liner® by EZ PVC is an all-weather interlocking system that allows for panel contraction and expansion due to temperature fluctuations. Wherever you need a smooth finish that is easy-to-clean, low-maintenance, hygienic and/or abuse resistant, the EZ Liner® wall and ceiling liner panel is the answer. Designed to meet the most demanding expectations, these PVC liner panels meet all FDA (USA) and CFIA (Canada) requirements and are ideal for indoor applications that require stringent hygiene levels.

Stocked in white, gray, and black, EZ Liner® panels are highly recommended for all agricultural, industrial, commercial, and residential interior applications. Additional custom colors are available. An upcharge and/or longer lead time may apply.

EZ Liner PVC Panels
EZ Slatwall PVC Panels

Strong, sturdy, and versatile, EZ Slatwall panel holds up to 75 pounds per square feet and easily integrates with EZ Liner™ PVC interlocking liner panels. 

EZ Slatwall PVC Interlocking Panels

Extremely durable, EZ Slatwall is a great wall organization system for your home, garage, or workspace and is compatible with most standard slatwall accessories. Customize simply by changing where the hooks, shelves, and baskets are located. Turn any vertical wall into a rearrangeable storage space with these versatile slatwall panels.

The EZ Slatwall panel system is both functional yet stylish. Panels are stocked in ultra-white and will brighten any room. These lightweight PVC panels can be mounted directly to studs or over drywall, providing an easy and cost-effective solution for organizing tools, clothes, household items, sports and gardening equipment, or store merchandise.

Whether you’re a do-it-yourselfer or construction professional, the EZ Slatwall interlocking panel system is easy to work with and installs quickly. No special tools or training required!

EZ Forms® Concrete Wall System

EZ Forms® revolutionary concrete wall-forming system is easier to assemble because the forms and spacers snap together horizontally. Water leakage problems are eliminated because the webs are not back-to-back. No double webs with this system!

These stay-in-place forms are made from an extruded PVC material that is .100” thick and extremely durable. The system’s innovative nine-inch form length accommodates vertical rebar placement spacing of eighteen inches (18”) perfectly.

EZ Forms® unique corner design simplifies the installation and inspection process. The corners remain exposed until the final piece is snapped in place, allowing for easy fitment and access to all rebars. In addition, the corners unique design fills with concrete completely unlike similar products.

ez forms product photo
ChamClad exterior panels

Environmentally responsible and LEED compliant, ChamClad exterior and interior wall panels are made from 100% recycled PVC. Call today to learn more about the ChamClad advantage!

ChamClad® PVC Panel System

Manufactured in North America, ChamClad exterior and interior wall panels are high-end building products, offering the perfect blend of durability, value, and performance. These architectural panels are available in realistic wood, metallic, solid, and anodized finishes.

Impact resistant and non-fading, ChamClad PVC exterior products provide architects and designers with high-quality siding and soffit solutions that expand/contract minimally in all climates. Ideal for a wide variety of exterior building applications.

Impervious to moisture and bacterial growth, ChamClad interior products offer outstanding strength and rigidity. They are a great solution for both light and heavy-duty applications that require low or no maintenance. Perfect for interior walls and ceiling applications.

Why Should You Choose PVC Liner Panels & Wall Forms?

Excellent Light Reflectance: The smooth, bright finish reflects the light and bounces it around the space, making the most of the interior lighting within the building.

Impact & Chemical Resistant: Remarkably durable, PVC liner panels and wall forms are hardwearing, have a strong resistance to most harsh chemicals, and do not support mildew or mold growth.

Low Maintenance: PVC liner panels and wall forms never need to be painted, coated, or otherwise sealed. Daily cleaning is easy, just wipe down or use a conventional sprayer method.

Easy to Install: PVC liner panels and wall forms are simple to handle and install. PVC liner panels are light in weight and can be used for both wall and ceiling applications. PVC wall forms 'push-n-click' together for a quick and fast wall assembly.

Cost Effective: Both PVC liner panels and PVC wall forms are an ideal replacement for conventional wall systems.

Agrilite™ PVC corrugated panels, EZ Liner™ PVC liner panels, EZ Slatwall PVC liner panels, and EZ Forms concrete form assembly system are ideal for the most demanding building applications.

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