EZ Forms® - Concrete Form Assembly System

A cost-effective option to traditional concrete wall construction, EZ Forms® is a revolutionary new concrete wall-forming system and is available in two core sizes: 6” EZ Forms® and 8” EZ Forms®. The 6-inch core size is typically used for commercial above-grade wall applications such as walls built on slabs.

The 8-inch core size is commonly used in above ground commercial applications that require a thicker wall for higher elevations and is available with or without insulating faces. This product is also a great option for below-grade residential wall.

These stay-in-place forms are made from an extremely durable PVC material that is filled with pre-mixed concrete and rebar reinforcement. This creates a nearly indestructible wall that’s energy-efficient, absorbs sound, and is highly resilient in storm-prone areas.

Compared to similar systems, EZ Forms® is easier to handle and erect. The forms and spacers interlock horizontally, providing a headache-free installation. No lifting the pieces up! Simply ‘push-n-click’ the pieces together for a quick and fast wall assembly.

The system’s form pieces are nine inches in length. They accommodate vertical rebar placement spacing of eighteen inches perfectly, making these concrete wall forms more convenient to use than other like types of products.

In addition, this concrete form system features a simplified corner assembly. The EZ Forms® corner design makes installing a corner easier, allowing for easy fitment and access to all rebars. This unique design was created to resolve both installers and inspector’s worst nightmares.

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Concrete Form Assembly System

The 6" Concrete Form Assembly System: 6" Form, 2.25" Spacer, 1.75" Spacer, 6" Cap, Female Starter, Male Starter, and 3-Piece Corner.

The 8" Concrete Form Assembly System: 8" Form, 4.5" Spacer, 2.5" Spacer, 8" Cap, Female Starter, Male Starter, and 2-Piece Corner.

Features & Benefits

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Technical Data & Specs

  • Horizontal ‘Push-n-Click’ Install System
  • Unique Corner Design & Assembly
  • Highly Resistant to Strong Winds & Fire
  • Energy & Installation Cost Savings
  • Low Maintenance, Easy-to-Clean
ez forms color white
ez forms color beige
ez forms color gray

Revolutionary, Innovative, and Easier Installation

ez forms is revolutionary
Horizontal (push-click) Installation
ez forms is innovative
No 'back-to-back' Webs - Eliminates Leakage
ez forms is easier
Designed for 18” Vertical Rebar

Stocked in white, beige, and gray, EZ Forms® concrete form assembly system is a great option for the construction of commercial and industrial buildings as well as residential homes.

Custom colors available. An upcharge and/or longer lead time may apply. Please call 888.602.4441 or email info@amerilux.com to inquire about pricing and availability.

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