TOPGAL Polycarbonate Standing Seam System

Backed by 35 years of product knowledge and development, the TOPGAL standing seam panel system integrates the high-performance characteristics of the multiwall polycarbonate sheet with top quality components, giving architects and builders the flexibility to design creative yet sustainable roofing features.

The superior design of this translucent standing seam roofing system minimizes air and water leakage, reducing the need for gaskets or sealants. This not only saves on upfront material and installation costs, but also offers long-term energy savings. More natural light can be brought into a building without added structural complexity.

The turned-up edges of these polycarbonate roof panels are linked together with aluminum or polycarbonate connectors that are easy to fit and install. This type of connection creates a strong mechanical lock between the multiwall polycarbonate panels, ensuring the TOPGAL standing seam system will be watertight and properly sealed for many years.

The unique properties of the TOPGAL multiwall polycarbonate panel system provide superior rigidity, excellent thermal insulation, maximum strength, solar heat control, and long-term weatherability against the elements.

When structurally designed and installed correctly, the TOPGAL standing seam system is highly resistant to the forces of nature — including heavy snow and wind loads.

The TOPGAL polycarbonate standing seam system is perfect for commercial, residential, and industrial glazing applications that provide either daylight or shade and need protection from the elements.

Check out this video to learn more about the benefits of the TOPGAL Multiwall Standing Seam Panel System.

Product Details

  • Stock Colors: Clear, Bronze, Ice, Blue*
  • Sheet Widths:
    • 8mm - 23.62” (600mm)
    • 20mm - 39.29” (998mm)
  • Sheet Length: Maximum Length 39’
  • Sheet Thickness: 8mm, 20mm*
  • Warranty: 10-Year Limited Warranty

* TOPGAL panels are available in standard colors as well as special color layers that selectively reflect solar radiation. Sheets are available in 10mm or 16mm thicknesses - special order only. 

topgal standing seam product

Features & Benefits

  • Flexible & Easy to Install
  • One-Sided UV Protection
  • Purlin Based Installation
  • Minimum 5% Slope
  • Highly Resistant to Wind & Snow Load
  • Watertight Leak Proof System
  • Class A/CC1 Fire Rating (Test for 20mm)

TOPGAL Accessories

  • PC or AI Connectors
  • Connector End Caps
  • PC or AI Side Profiles
  • AI Edge Profiles
  • Fasteners
  • Anti-Dust Tape

Technical Data & Specs

* All system components have passed compatibility tests with the TOPGAL standing seam polycarbonate roof panel, offering quality and reliable coverage.

TOPGAL Multiwall Polycarbonate Standing Seam Applications Include:

  • Sports Stadiums
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Pool Enclosures
  • Shopping Centers
  • Industrial Roofing
  • Pergolas
  • Covered Walkways
  • Open Retail Markets
  • Service Stations
  • Entrance Canopies
  • School Auditorium
  • Residential Awnings

The TOPGAL panel system addresses the building and construction challenge of integrating transparent glazing and roofing elements with its innovative standing seam design, making it a very adaptable daylighting solution.

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