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AmeriLux is pleased to announce the expansion of its Plastic Fabrication Services with the addition of a MultiCam 3000 Series CNC Router and a Giben Beam Saw. These additions to the Distribution Center not only increase our fabrication capabilities but also our abilities to better meet our customers’ specific project requirements.

Each day, we come to work with one goal in mind: Focusing on the needs of our customers. From excellent customer service to a diverse line of high-quality products, from shorter, flexible lead times to investing in specialized equipment and training, we meet your needs by continuing to expand our capabilities.

The result is unique combination of fabrication services, technology, and human resources, allowing us to offer our customers a variety of value-added services and tailored solutions.

MultiCam 3000 Series CNC Router
“Versatile Plastic Fabrication”

  • amerilux cnc routeramerilux cnc routeramerilux cnc routerPrecision Cutting System
  • Dual Head Router w/20’ Capacity
  • 12-Tool Automatic Tool Changer
  • State-of-the-Art Technology
  • Complex Shapes & Volume Orders

AmeriLux has expanded its plastic fabrication services by purchasing a MultiCam 3000 Series CNC Router. The router features a 5’ x 20’ process area, automatic tool changer, dual heads, and a 3-axis system, there is not much we cannot cut.

“Our Multicam CNC router offers a lot of cutting versatility,” said Craig Cutcher. “From solid sheet to structured polycarbonate to foam PVC panels; this CNC router can cut most of our in-house products as well as a host of customer-supplied materials.”

The MultiCam CNC Router has been a great addition to AmeriLux’s manual processes, increasing both fabrication speed and precision. We are now even better equipped to meet our customers’ needs regarding high-volume capabilities and repeatability in panel production.

“I can cut multiples of the same shape as well as create ‘slotted’ panels. The panels cut on the MultiCam CNC router are of consistent quality and meet tight tolerance requirements,” Craig says. “We are now able to do all kinds of cutting jobs, such as 3D lettering and dimensional signage. Job files can also be saved for repeat orders.”

By investing in CNC equipment, AmeriLux seeks to provide a broad range of value-added plastic fabrication services that complement our customer’s in-house resources.


Giben Beam Saw
“Expanding Plastic Fabrication Services”

  • amerilux beam sawamerilux beam sawamerilux beam sawHigh Production Output
  • Tight Cutting Tolerances
  • Quality Material Edges
  • Capacity up to 14’ Lengths
  • Solid & Structured Sheet

At AmeriLux International, our ever-expanding plastic fabrication services are directly related to our customers’ needs. The addition of a Giben beam saw with a 14’ capacity allows us to efficiently cut large orders of the same size product, hold tighter tolerances, and produce a clean, quality edge.

The need for this type of high-quality plastic fabrication was driven by our customers’ end-use applications of our polycarbonate panels. As well, this equipment compliments our customers’ fabrication capabilities, offering them a qualified back-up in the event they have capacity constraints. No matter if it is an AmeriLux or a customer-supplied product.

“The programming is easy to understand and use,” said Aaron Vanden Heuvel. “The Giben beam saw is a great work horse for cutting multiples of the same size polycarbonate panel at one time. The quality of the cut is also better, straighter, and squarer.”

Cutting solid and structured polycarbonate successfully on a production basis presents a number of challenges with respect to the substrates relative hardness, sensitivity to heat, and resistance to chipping and shattering. The Giben horizontal beam saw addresses many of these challenges, offering both high volume and precision cutting.

“The increase in production made it easy to justify the addition of an automated horizontal beam saw,” Aaron said. “We can cut more sheets in the same amount of time which reduces job turnaround times, and therefore labor costs.”

Cutting polycarbonate panels at AmeriLux International is a day-in, day-out process, with small to large orders being processed daily in the Distribution Center. Expanding our range of cutting options enables us to broaden our scope of fabrication services that bring measurable value to our customers.


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