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AmeriLux International carries a large assortment of multiwall and corrugated polycarbonate sheets, solid plastic sheets, and PVC panels suitable for a broad range of interior and exterior applications, from architectural glazing and facades to residential roofing and skylights.

As the plastic sheet market in this country is coming of age, users are increasingly discovering the extreme versatility of these products. Whether you are planning a large-scale commercial development or a simple home improvement project, we can provide expert consultation to match the most appropriate product with your design and specification requirements.

Need a little help deciding where to start? Whether you’re in the design phase, unsure of which product is right for your project, or have questions about installation, we’re happy to point you in the right direction.

Available at Menards®

Doing it yourself? AmeriLux, in partnership with Menards®, offers high-quality plastic sheet products perfect for home, garden, and do-it-yourself projects. Popular DIY projects include building a hobby greenhouse, installing a pool enclosure, adding a roof to a pergola, or covering a deck with a canopy.

Our products can easily be installed by any do-it-yourself homeowner with basic construction skills. The tools required to build a project with our sheet products are probably already in your garage or workshop. We’re here to help make your DIY project happen!

Architects & Designers

AmeriLux offers a wide selection of high-performance polycarbonate sheets ideal for architectural glazing and commercial interior applications. Available in a wide range of colors, translucencies, and structures, polycarbonate sheets are light in weight and provide the ideal combination of high light transmittance, impact and fire resistance, and weatherability.

In architectural glazing, glass panels have been preferred for centuries. Polycarbonate sheets challenge this traditional material choice by combining the aesthetic appeal of glass with its value-added performance characteristics. Today’s polycarbonate delivers design freedom and easy-to-install glazing that is built to last.

The Team at AmeriLux International

Focused on the Customer Experience!

Since the very beginning, AmeriLux has been focused on providing a positive experience for our customers.  This can be reflective in our responsiveness, product quality, order turnaround, and for that matter, if there is an issue ‘how we handle it’ and ‘how quickly we handle it’.  Internally, we call this emphasis, the AmeriLux Experience.

The AmeriLux Experience is a biproduct of our cultures ‘yes’ mentality.  We like to say that ‘no’ is not part of our vocabulary.  Our job isn’t to tell our customers what we can or cannot do.  Rather, we consider it our responsibility to listen to what our customer’s needs are and then create solutions that are centered on a win-win partnership.  At the end of the day, we want to provide as much value as possible to our customers so as to help them be successful.

AmeriLux offers customers technical support that extends from answering design questions and assisting with product selection to providing installation tips and troubleshooting issues.

Contact our highly qualified team of sales and customer service professionals today at 888-602-4441 to assist in converting your project ideas into reality.